The George Inn - Stone Street Canterbury
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The George Inn

The George Inn - the best in dining, live music and welcoming company.

The George Inn - Traditional Jazz
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Traditional Jazz - Every Thursday

The George Inn - Restaurant
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Treat yourself and guests to our home cooked traditional English meals


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Ghostly ‘goings on’ at this historic coaching inn

Late into the night, when all is still, and only the hardiest of local drinkers remain, The George Inn plays host to a ghostly visitor.

Dressed in 18th century clothing he may only be seen by sensitive souls. He sits, drinking at a corner table in the bar of this three hundred year old roadside inn. Rumour has it he utters a foul curse as he knocks over his mug of mead. Next to him sits a huge ghostly black dog with glowing amber eyes and a slobbering jowl.

And, on the darkest of winter nights may be heard the muffled sound of hoof beats as a band of knights ride past on Stone Street. Could it be those same four knights who, at the behest of Henry II, were riding to Canterbury Cathedral intent on the murder of archbishop Thomas Becket? It was December 29th in 1170, when Reginald FitzUrse, William de Tracey, Hugh de Morville and Richard le Breton rode up Stone Street to attack the archbishop. Three stabbed him with their swords and the fourth cut off his head, scattering his brains around the cathedral.

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